Our Easy-Fit split system air con units, which are renowned for their elegant design and superior quality, use Toshiba motors and compressors which offer outstanding reliability coupled with maximum efficiency.

Easy-fit installation air con in offices and homes has never been more affordable.,

No gas required (included in Air Con system), no professional installation just follow our EASYFIT manual.

All our products offer the following Key Features:-

Super cooling / heating & multiple energy saving Air Con:
• Blue coloured hydrophilic alum foils greatly enhance the heat exchange efficiency and protect the evaporator and condenser from water contamination.
• Once the auto mode is selected the air conditioner will analyse the room temperature and automatically decide its operation status, reducing the energy consumption to the lowest level.

Air Con Ultra quiet and comfortable Air Con:
• Comprehensive silence control
• Sleep mode
• Independent dehumidifying

Intelligent and easy operation Air Con:
Intelligent control capable of sensing minute variations of the body temperature, automatic adjustment and control of systlay of intelligent signals on the control panel for easy indication of operating state. Anion-generating technique plus automatic adjustment of the sleeping temperature for comfort at night.

• LED colour display on indoor unitdiy
• Simple control mode (one finger operation)
• Emergency operation function
• Intelligent defrosting
• Built in memory
• Remote control with luminous night-light
• Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise
• Heat-pump model provides heating as well as cooling
• Oscillating air vanes for dissipation of cold air
• A timer feature that will turn the unit on and off automatically
• High efficiency air filters to remove odours and particles
• Anti-mould coating for hygienic operation
• Digital display to show operational settings and temperature
• Maintenance warning display

No vacuum pump is required to expel the air from these units.

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