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Conservatory Cooling

With conservatories and garden rooms gaining in popularity, the demand for conservatory cooling is increasing with each passing day. offers a vast assortment of conservatory cooling systems to address the rapid cooling and heating of conservatories. Years of experience in the climate control industry has taught us the importance of offering high quality products to our valued clients.

Our Branded Products Come with Various Features

We offer conservatory cooling systems from some of the biggest brands available in the UK, like Toshiba and LG. Our evaporative coolers range from a capacity of 8 litres to 100 litres. You can choose from our range of air conditioning units that come with varying energy consumption models. Aesthetically designed to blend with the interior of your conservatory or garden room, each product renders a reformed look to your home.

With quiet operation and quick temperature change, conservatory cooling systems are a must have in your conservatory or garden room. Our units have a high filtration system, preventing germs and microorganisms from entering your room. A user-friendly control system allows you to sit back in comfort and experience the favourable change in temperature without having to worry.

Whether you want to install them high up on the wall or want to opt for a low wall installation, our stock of coolers are suitable for both.

Tested to resist severe changes in climate, our cooling products offer you value for money. With the aim to offer you comfort in the summer and warmth during the winter, we provide efficient installation services. 

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Browse our conservatory cooling systems to select the one that suits your needs perfectly. Call us and speak to one of our sales engineers to decide the most appropriate system for your premises. Email us with your queries in more detail and we will promptly respond with a solution.