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Daikin Air Conditioning

So Much More Than Temperature Control

Daikin units are renowned for regulating moisture, ridding of impurities in rooms and channelling in fresh air from outside to keep your environment in perfect balance. This is further enhanced by their ability to remove harmful allergens and fumes from urban air pollution.
Advanced yet simple to use remote controls, allow users to modify comfort on a room-by-room basis. Daikin systems also feature WI-FI remote monitoring, meaning that you can now control & adjust your settings from a distance.

Advanced technologies have made it possible so that Daikin units will shut down when not in use, via the installed sensor, thus reducing eco footprints and making your unit cost effective. By recovering heat from refrigeration and air conditioning installations, these Air Conditioning Heat Pumps generate low-cost heat, making them energy efficient.

Industrial Applications

Air conditioning is a necessity in many industrial settings. Daikin offers air conditioning systems designed specifically for use in:

• Warehouses
• Factories
• Manufacturing Plants

Air conditioning helps to control temperatures in industrial applications where precise temperature control is essential for productivity and development.

Bespoke systems are tailored exactly to the needs of each space.

Commercial And Domestic Solutions

Daikin combines style with class and affordability with the aim of their AC units being suitable for all types of interiors ensuring that businesses or home users never have to choose between aesthetics and functionality.

Inverter-controlled systems reduce energy consumption by as much as 30% (compared to non-inverter systems), while keeping users at their chosen temperature.

With easy to use remote controls provided with every unit, energy management, multi-building monitoring, and room-by-room flexibility have never been easier from a single location.

Stylish, Whisper-Quiet Home Units

With the indoor unit sound pressure as Low as 19dbA, Daikin’s award winning “Whisper-quiet” air conditioners are ideal for homes, restaurants and small businesses where décor and noise-reduction are important.