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Daikin FTXS Wall Mounter Inverter

The Daikin FTXS wall mounted range combines style with quality, price and comfort for the user to enjoy the perfect indoor climate regardless of the weather or time of year.

Suitable for several rooms in the home to small shops, offices and restaurants, the vast capabilities of the Daikin FTXBS –K/G make these models versatile yet proactive. With temperatures of -10 cooling and -15 heating and ranging from 2.5-7.1kW in size with pipe runs of up to 30M, it is ideal for a number of applications.

With auto swing mode and Daikins’ Titanium Apatire Photocatalytic purifying filters, the FTXBS range ensures all users are supplied with clean and efficient air supply, omitting airborne dust particles and eliminating odours. Louvered fins provide optimal temperature distribution therefore eliminating any ‘cold spots’ throughout the room. Turbo or Powerful mode can provide a rapid heating or cooling to your room for ultimate comfort in a very short space of time.

The easy to use Matt White finish remote control to match the indoor unit, features a timer function which allows the user to set the unit to start or stop when they feel most beneficial achieving optimal results for personal lifestyles. This feature is for both daily and weekly control, meaning that start up or close down of unit can be pre-set seven days in advance!

2 Area Intelligent eye can recognise when a room is unoccupied and after 20 minutes will automatically go into economy mode saving the user money, it will also detect where a person is located within the room and air flow will be sent to that zone therefore making this unit extremely energy-efficient. This is supported by the night time mode featured which will prevent a room from over heating or cooling during the night and will prevent any sudden changes in temperature.

Low sound pressure of 19 dBA means that the unit will operate creating a calm, quiet and relaxed ambience wherever it is installed. Described as Daikin themselves as ‘Whisper Quiet’ the low sound makes the FTXS range more adaptable than ever.

• Wireless remote controller with daily and weekly function timer
• Titanium Apatire photocatalytic air purifying filter
2 Area Intelligent eye
• Auto-swing Mode for optimal air flow
• Turbo Mode for rapid heating or cooling
• Silent Mode for reduced noise levels on both indoor and outdoor units 
• 5 Fan Speeds
• Night Mode
• WI-FI Control via App