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Compressor Dehumidifiers

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Our range of domestic dehumidifiers come in a wide range of sizes and capacities to suit your application forwhere ever you need to reduce the moisture in the air. No Maintenance is required - it is quite simply a fit and forget system if making use of the auto drain function, if not then the generous size water collection tray means you should very rarely have to empty it out.  The compressor dehumidification makes it an extra efficient and powerful way to remove moisture from the room and works perfectly alongside domestic heating. All of the units are compact and lightweight, making them ideal if you need to use the unit as a portable dehumidifier.

How Does The Compressor Dehumidifier Work?

The compressor in the system will pump refrigerant round the copper coils in the dehumidifier itself (much like a mono block air conditioning system) the air is drawn over these copper coils and condenses, this condensed water is then left to drip into the collection tray inside the air conditioning unit, this means they can collect a vast quantity of water, however the colder it gets in the room, the less effective it will be as there will be a smaller difference between ambient and coil temperature which will cause the water to condense at a slower rate.

Best Way To Use The Dehumidifier

The best way to use the portable dehumidifier for your home is to use it in the room where you have the most moisture in the house for 24 hours, then move it around into any of the other rooms where you are having a humidity problem. The dehumidifier should then be left in a central location and all of the moisture around the house will move to that location, creating a natural equilibrium around the home.

How Will I Benefit By Using A Compressor Dehumidifier ?

  • Reduction in heating bills
  • No mold or mildue problems
  • Healthier air for allergy sufferers
  • Reduce risk of damage to technology and other precious items