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Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Our range of Industrial Dehumidifiers are perfect for your swimming pool, spa or large warehouse area. These units will sit quite happily on the wall and steadily dehumidify the air around them, the only maintenance required is the cleaning of the washable filters on the top of the unit every couple of weeks when the unit is in use. Using the Wall mounting kit and continuous drain function you will never have to worry about excess moisture or damp forming for any industrial application you use it for.

Swimming Pool / Industrial Dehumidifier

If you have an indoor swimming pool then maintaining the correct humidity of the air in the pool room is essential. To do this you will have to have a swimming pool dehumidifier.

It is easy to see condensation on a window and it does no damage to a window, but the water will very soon soak in to your floor, walls, roof, and window frames causing corrosion, wood rot, mould and bacteria growth and an unhealthy environment. High humidity encourages the growth of mould and hence the deterioration of the building. The ideal relative humidity for a pool room should be between 60% and 65%. Above 70% the air is saturated with water vapour, making the atmosphere uncomfortable. Below 60%, the air is too dry and will be unpleasant to swimmers when they leave the water.

How Does An Industrial Dehumidifier Work?

The compressor in the system will pump refrigerant round the copper coils in the dehumidifier itself (much like a monobloc air conditioning system) the air is drawn over these copper coils and condenses, this condensed water is then left to continually drain away from the industrial dehumidifier or can be collected in the internal collection tray.  The unit comes supplied with a wall mounting bracket kit or castors to allow for ease of movement, combined with its discreet design this will blend into any industrial area with ease.

Where Can I Use My Swimming Pool / Industrial Dehumidifier

  • Swimming Pools
  • Spas
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Depots
  • Museums
  • Kitchens
  • Food Preperation Areas
  1. 80 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier

    80 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier

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  2. 130 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier

    130 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier

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    130 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier Learn More