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DIY Air Conditioning

Twin Duct Air Conditioner / Heat Pumps

A compact, easy to install, all-in-one solution for buildings where an outdoor unit is not possible or not preferred. Ideal for offices, high rise buildings, conservatories, hotels, home and commercial heating and air conditioning applications.

DIY Air Conditioning

The Unico air conditioning unit truly is a "DIY Air Con Unit" and has no outdoor unit. Finished in a plastic case and featuring a compact, stylish design. The air is pumped directly through two ducts at the back of the unit one is used to draw air into the unit and pass it over hot or cold refrigerant coils depending on if the system needs to be on heating or cooling.

Installing A DIY Air Conditioning Heat Pump Unit

These systems couldn't be easier to install. Simply put the installation template against an outside facing wall that you want to mount the unit on. The template gives you the position of where you need to drill the two larger holes for intake and exhaust of air, plus a condensate drain pipe. The unit comes with a ducting kit to fit in the wall and grilles for outside wall. Once complete simply plug into a standard 13a socket.