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Unico Air Range

Unico Air - The thinnest and quietest air conditioner without outdoor unit than ever. In only 16 cm depth is compacted what is usually splitter in two: the outdoor unit and the wall unit. The outdoor unit is removed: only two holes can be seen on the external surface. Unico Air integrates a compact compressor and an high efficiency slim-coil. Its peculiar design allowed to reduce the dimensions at the minimum. Thanks to the Silent Technology realized with state-of-the-art-soundproof- material, Unico Air has halved the sound level in respect of the traditional range (only 27 dB (A) of sound pressure).

Cooling power: 1,8 kW
Available in 2 versions: SF – HP
AA Class
Refrigerant Gas R410A (hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas)
Easy to install: UNICO can be installed as a wall split or a consolle unit
Wall wireless command (Optional)
Swinging front flap for consistent air diffusion
Multifunction remote control
24h Timer

Ventilation only function
Dehumidification only function
Auto function: adjusts operation parameter based on ambient temperature
Sleep function: gradually increases the temp setting and guarantees reduced noise level for greater comfort during the night
Condense vaporizing function: in the cooling mode the condense is vaporized without the need of any pipe.