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Unico Inverter Range

From the house of Unico comes a range of air conditioning units equipped with DC inverter technology. Unsurpassed in terms of sleek design, high performance and efficiency, the Unico Inverter range ensures low energy consumption while providing maximum comfort. Rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, it caters to heating and cooling requirements efficiently. Perfect for use in both domestic and commercial environments, the Unico Inverter DC air conditioners ensure easy installation with no outdoor work, completely noiseless operation and hassle-free maintenance. At Cooleasy.co.uk, we offer all the four models from the Unico Inverter range.

1.    Unico Inverter 10 HP (Heating & Cooling) 
2.    Unico Inverter 12 HP (Heating & Cooling)
3.    Unico Inverter 12 SF (Cooling Only)
4.    Unico Inverter 13 HP (Heating & Cooling)

Use of DC Inverter Technology Offers Ample Benefits

Keeps Room Temperature Stable – The Unico Inverter DC air conditioning system operates effectively to ensure a stable room temperature thereby preventing fluctuations. It quickly reaches the set temperature and creates a perfect balance between heating and cooling for a relaxing environment.

Lowers Energy Consumption – The Unico Inverter DC air conditioner saves costs by reducing energy consumption up to 30%. Harnessing the power of DC inverter technology, the Unico Inverter range ensures high-end functionality. 

Guarantees High Performance – The application of DC technology enables the air conditioner to perform optimally by tracking the rotation speed of the variable-speed compressor.   

Ensures Hassle-free Installation – Conveniently built for low or high installation, fixing a Unico Inverter DC air conditioning unit is very easy. No external work is required which makes the installation not only simple but also time-saving and economical. You can install the system in a few minutes by referring to our step-by-step installation guide. 

Want to know more about the Unico Inverter Range? Give us a call or email us. Our customer service professionals are forever ready to answer your queries.