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Vulkan Lokring

Vulkan Lokring

Lokring is a revolutionary product in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.  The Vulkan Lokring tool isn't something out of Star Trek, its a simple, cost and time effective method of joining refrigeration pipes together.  It has been tried and tested for years across Europe, and Cooleasy are proud to announce that they are official retailers of Vulkan Lokring Equipment.  The Lokring tool is ideal for engineers who cannot get hotworks permits to work on sites or for joining pipes in areas where a brazed joint / using a naked flame would not be suitable.

There is a handy guide here informing you how to use the Vulkan Lokring Equipment

A LOKRING tube connection can be made without a great deal of effort. All you need is a LOKRING tube connection, a hand assembly tool and some LOKPREP.

The ergonomic hand assembly tool works without energy connection, and the patented lever mechanism means extremely little strength is needed for assembly.

Compare it with conventional tube connection methods for yourself, and you will see that »lokringing« has the potential to become a classic. Where DIY experts have their rawl plugs or flex-cut materials, you and your customers could be lokringing in all sorts of situations.

Among the Lokring system´s many possible applications in household appliance- and refrigeration technology are for tubes that carry refrigerant in any of the following:

DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION APPLIANCES  (refrigerators and freezers, wine coolers)
PLUG-IN REFRIGERATION UNITS  (refrigerated displays, counters, trays and islands)
REFRIGERATION UNITS FOR CATERING APPLICATIONS  (bar cooling systems, circulation coolers, line cooling devices)


One System - Endless Possibilities:

Compressor replacement
Dryer replacement
Repairs to the charging tube (with or without schrader valve)
Repairs to leaking tubes:

  • Tube connectors
  • Tube reducing connectors
  • Capillary tube T-reducer for insertion into the suction pipe
  • Tube T-connector
  • Tube elbow connector
  • Couplers and reducing connectors
  • Y-branches
  • Header
  • Euro flare-fittings
  • Long radius elbows
  • Elbows and elbow reducers
  • T-connectors and T-reducing connectors

Other Sizes and Vulkan products available please call 0800 458 0101 for details