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Air Purifiers

The Air X Pro range of Medical Grade Air Purifiers has landing in the UK. Scientifically proven to trap and remove airbourne viruses including Covid-19 up to 99.9%.

After many months of scientific development and refinement, the Medical Grade Air Purifier Air X Pro is now ready to purify the air you breath, and protect us all from Viruses and Bacteria in the air.


Featuring a Patented multiple fan design to keep air pressures even and no distortion of the filtration pads (so they let nothing past). They have an 8 stage Air Purification System featuring 7 layers of filters. Then an IONIC Generator fills the room with over 24 million negatively charged IONS every second, and finally a high output Ultra Violet system kills anything that remains!!

Negative IONS also ‘recharge’ the air and ‘energise’ the room so occupants feel more awake and more alert!

The range comprises 5 models to cover everything from domestic bedrooms and lounges to student accommodation rooms at the smaller end. Right through to Hospital Wards, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Courtrooms, and of course all Businesses plus just about every kind of public building or workplace imaginable at the larger end of the range. The systems are all wall mountable out of the box, and the 3 smaller come with a floor stand base included. The two larger model have optional floor bases if required.

They incorporate state of the art Japanese Laser technology to SEE the particles in the air being drawn into the unit which is constantly monitored and the information clearly displayed on the front. Using our COLOURVIEW™ Technology.


Controllability is so intuitive as well, with a remote handset, touch panel, WiFi APP and even Voice Control through Alexa and Google devices. Using the WiFi APP it is possible to monitor and control multiple devices in several buildings with ease, perfect for building management using hundreds of systems.

We are currently having a special H1N1 (Swine Flu) test carried out, this is a Corona virus test and will give us similar results to Covid-19. Bacterial tests have been completed and have passed 99.9% already, virus testing is actually very similar.

So, if you want to talk about AIR PURITY, think only Air X Pro, which can truly give you A Breath of Fresh Air.