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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

At Cooleasy we provide a range of Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units to customers across the UK. When you purchase an air conditioner from Cooleasy, you can trust that you’re in the right hands as we only provide our customers with the highest standard of air con products.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning from Cooleasy

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are a leading supplier of energy efficient air conditioning equipment that will cool, heat, ventilate and control your building, which includes ac Mitsubishi inverters. Having a wealth of experience and knowledge in air conditioning means that we only provide advanced Mitsubishi products that come with design flexibility, in order to provide the best atmosphere in your property. Whether it’s for your home or you require Mitsubishi commercial air conditioning.

Mitsubishi Inverters

Inverter air con systems are a great choice when it comes to needing a range of different applications. Inverters are variable frequency power supply units which can change rotation speeds from three phase induction motors, this can be done easily and flexibly.

The Mitsubishi Inverters that we provide are high performance as well as being environmentally friendly and compliant with global standards. There are a range of models available which will depend on the application that you need.

Inverter Wall Mounted Systems

When it comes to your air conditioning system, Mitsubishi Inverter Wall Mounted systems provide a range of advantages and benefits, making them a great choice for your property.

Self Clean Operation

If the air conditioner unit has stopped, 2 hours after, the indoor unit will be dried to prevent mould growth.

Fuzzy Auto Mode

Automatically the unit will decide if its operating mode and temperature setting are based on a fuzzy calculation which also will adjust the inverter frequency.

Automatic Operation

The air conditioner will automatically select either a heating, cooling or drying operation.

”HI POWER” Operation

The unit can operate continuously in “HI POWER” mode for 15 minutes, this function allows the desired temperature to be reached accordingly. Auto Flap Mode

Whatever the operating mode, the unit will automatically select an optimal angle

On Timer

This facility allows the operation to start earlier, so that the room will approach optimum temperature at ON time when the operation has been started by the ON-Timer. So it will try to get to the temperature you want, when you require it.

Economy Mode

The unit will realise effective energy saving operations whilst keeping at a comfortable cooling and heating condition.

24-Hour On/Off

The programmable timer means that by utilising a start and stop function, you can register two timer operations a day. Once this has been set you can start or stop the system at a specified time of the day repeatedly.

Sleep Mode

The room temperature is automatically controlled during the set sleep mode period, this ensures that room temperature will not get too hot or too cold.

Microcomputer-Operated Defrosting

This mode automatically eliminates frost as well as helping to minimise excessive operation in any other modes.

Self-Diagnostic Function

In the case of the air conditioner malfunctioning, an internal microcomputer will automatically run a self-diagnosis and an inspection and repairs should be carried out by an authorised dealer.

Back-up Switch

On the main unit, there’s a backup on/off switch, these can be used when you can’t use a remote, or if remote batteries are flat.

Auto Restart Function

Power blackout auto restart functions can record operational statuses of air conditioners immediately prior to them being switched off by a power cut, then automatically resuming operations at the point after the power has been restored.

Luminous Button

With wireless “Luminous” remote controls that even “glow in the dark”, it’s possible to operate all desired functions of the unit by the click of a button.

Premium Inverter Units

Mitsubishi have released a new generator of SRK-ZS – indoor air conditioning units, the special thing about these air con systems is that they have been manufactured to make them much more user friendly. This is done by including a Wi-Fi gateway device which will be installed inside the unit and make it possible for the unit to be controlled through a smart phone or tablet. This type of air conditioner is evolving and being easily integrated into technology, should you be at home, away or on the go, your air conditioning unit can be controlled by the simple click of a button.

The premium Mitsubishi air conditioning systems that we offer provide a seasonal efficiency, comfort cooling or heating for the user as well as integrating into the application. There’s a number of options available which can be activated in order to benefit the user’s personal style.

The key features include…

    • Designed with European regulations and requirements in mind.
    • High seasonal efficiency.
    • Low noise levels when in operation.
    • Pre-set operation settings.
    • Quiet airflows which use 3D Auto in order to achieve harmonised temperatures.
    • Controlled through smartphones and tablets through Wi-Fi as well as the usual controllers.
    • Improved cool and heat auto changers.
    • LED brightness can be adjusted if required.
    • Different colours available.
For Mitsubishi air conditioning units, look no further, Cooleasy are always on hand to help!

Should you require any further information, please do no hesitate to contact our team today, or simply take a look at our product selection of Mitsubishi air con units online. Our team have the skills and experience to help you choose the best air conditioning unit which suits all of your requirements. Simply contact us today for more information on our Mitsubishi air con in the UK!

Please note: We are unable to ship air conditioning units without valid proof that installation will be completed by a FGAS engineer - failure to provide one will result in your purchase being cancelled and payment refunded.