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Midea Blanc

Midea Air Conditioning have launched the Midea Blanc A+++ range of high wall heat pump split system air-conditioners. These units are available in 2.6kW (9,000 Btu/h) and 7.0kW (24,000 Btu/h) capacities and include an infra-red remote controller as well as a Wi-Fi controller to allow operation from an Android or Apple smartphone.

The high specification Mission series has a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of 4.0 and a Seasonal energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 7.3. The units also feature an ECO mode that delivers a 60% energy reduction during a standard eight hour cycle, and a sleep mode.   Other features include standard, turbo and silent fan modes, a leak detection system and a self-diagnostics feature using the remote controller and a ‘follow me’ function for close temperature zone control.

Key Features

  • A+++ Cooling Energy Efficiency
  • SCOP 4.0
  • ERP certified
  • WIFI control (optional extra)
  • ECO Mode Function - Savings of over 60% power over 8 hours
  • Silent fan mode option
  • New intuitive Arctic remote control
  • Nail free diamond cabinets
  • Cool modern design with hidden LED display

How energy efficient are Midea Units?  

Fitted with the latest Japanese inverter technology, the Midea range are 33% more efficient than standard compressor air conditioning units.  The Midea Missions have been subjected to 5 seasonal tests (SOP’s) to ensure that these units are suitable for the UK. With 1W Standby this provides savings of up to 80% in stand-by mode over other units.

Please note: We are unable to ship air conditioning units without valid proof that installation will be completed by a FGAS engineer - failure to provide one will result in your purchase being cancelled and payment refunded.