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Wine / Beer Cellar Cooling

Wine and Beer cellar cooler systems are becoming a more popular thing in peoples homes year on year.  Not just for wine cellars but for beer coolers and pantry chilling, any sort of food application that requires consumables to be kept at a temperature lower than an air conditioning unit will normally reach.  Standard air conditioning systems will only go down to 16/18 degrees at a maximum, anyone who is keen on their wine will know that the perfect temperature to keep wine at is 14 degrees.  These chiller systems will cool a room down to 8 degrees, even from a temperature of 32.  Making them a perfect system for chilling beer down ready to be drunk!

These discrete systems are up to brewery specification, using 6 fins per inch on the evaporator unit, making themsuitable for commercial applications as well as domestic.  The powder coated mild steel casing makes these units simple to keep clean and hygienic if being used to help prolong the life of perishable foods, fresh flowers, dairy products and vegetables.

These systems need to be installed by a professional refrigeration engineer, we can recommend engineers we have trained in your local area free of charge who would be happy to come out and quote for installation, these are ready to go kits and we can supply all of the necessary accessories to go with the wine cooler systems. These systems are manufactured by refrigeration giants J & E Hall, this ensures the units are of the highest quality, however we can offer them at a highly competitive price.

The right sizing of the unit is essential so please make sure you call today on 02921 4321 20 to get the right sized cellar cooling system for you.

Please note: We are unable to ship split refrigeration units without valid proof that installation will be completed by a FGAS engineer - failure to provide one will result in your purchase being cancelled and payment refunded.