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Daikin FTXB Wall Mounted Inverter

If you are looking for cost-efficient air-conditioning solutions, the Daikin FTXB range can be your most preferred choice. Tested to create low sound, offer high comfort and ease of control, the Daikin FTXB range is ideal for homeowners as well as business owners. The FTXB is considered to be one of the best products in the range. It is the ideal specimen of the innovative prowess of Daikin.  Cooleasy.co.uk brings you a wide stock of powerful wall-mounted inverters from the house of Daikin.

Our product range varies in energy consumption levels from 2.0Kw to 6.0Kw. With powerful features and excellent looks, the inverters impart a pure atmosphere to your interiors. At Cooleasy.co.uk, we offer the complete system including the indoor unit, the condensing unit and remote control.

Feature Rich Inverter to Make your Life Comfortable

  • With its wipe clean front panel, the indoor unit of the Daikin FTXB range is ideal to create a comfortable atmosphere inside your premises.
  • A titanium apatite photocatalytic filtering system absorbs dust particles present in the air, filters microorganisms and unpleasant odours to purify the interiors.
  • The vertical auto swing louvres allow air to flow through the entire room without developing cold spots.

The Infrared Remote Control comes with Several Options

You can choose the appropriate mode on the remote control according to your comfort level.  The sleep mode offers a comfortable sleeping experience, whilst also saving energy. The turbo mode is the perfect option to ensure rapid cooling or heating of the room. With the full power mode, you can cool or heat the room temperature within a few minutes. The 24-hour timer allows you to set the on and off time as per your preference.

Contact Us

Send us an email about your requirements regarding the Daikin FTXB range or get in touch with us over the phone. Our team of well-trained client care executives will strive to answer all your queries within a very short time.