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Server Room Cooling

Server Room Air Conditioning is an essential part of any office with a dedicated server room, most modern servers will consume about 1Kw of electricity every hour, that converts into having a 1Kw heater element in the room, and when most server rooms are only small cupboards, if you have got 2 or 3 servers in there, it can really push the temperature up in that small room.  Without proper cooling servers can start to malfunction, give bad results and eventually cut out, causing massive disruption to the work you need to be focusing on to keep the business running.

Easy-Fit air conditioning systems are not suitable for this essential operation as they will only work down to an ambient of 10 degrees, which for people is fine as you don't need cooling down when it is any less than 10 degrees outside, however servers are constantly pumping out heat at all temperatures, this means that even at minus temperatures outside there is still a good chance your servers could overheat in the cupboard in the middle of the building.  All of the units listed below are designed to work down to -10 degrees ambient temperature, a much more reliable system for keeping your servers cool.

All of these Server Room Cooling Units come with a long warranty as standard when fitted by an F-Gas qualified engineer, we would be happy to put you in touch with a local engineer who can come out, give you a price for supply and installation of a system, or we can size up a unit over the phone and you can get a local air conditioning engineer to fit it in for you.

  • Units Work Down To -10 Degrees C Ambient
  • High Efficiency Inverter Technology
  • Libero Systems Come With 3 Year Warranty

Please note: We are unable to ship air conditioning units without valid proof that installation will be completed by a FGAS engineer - failure to provide one will result in your purchase being cancelled and payment refunded.